Double glazing and draught-proofing

The photograph first here shows some double glazed sashes I have been working on for a property in Brighton, plus a couple of photos showing the parting-bead and staff-bead used to draught-proof the windows.

I have glazed them with 14mm low-e sealed units. Thermal efficiency in windows is calculated as a U-value, with single-glazed windows having as value of around 5.6. Many different types of glazing unit are available each with its own U-value. As these sashes are to be installed into the original Victorian frames at the property, slim units (14mm) are used in this case. This reduces the U-value to around 3.0, and along with the draught-proofing system, will make a marked improvement to the draughty victorian sashes and offer some degree of sound insulation.

Also, this week I was asked to replace some broken window glass and fit mirror film to the windows. I had not worked with this material before and had been warned it was a tricky job to do, here’s a picture of the finished job: