Sash Window Restoration Project

I was asked recently to refurbish and draught proof some sash windows at a property in Kemptown, Brighton.

The building is grade I listed and around 180 years old so any restoration work undertaken is subject to the strict regulations for this type of historic building.

The house looks out over Sussex Square gardens with a great view of the sea. Beautiful on a sunny day, but also under attack from the harshest elements of British weather. Working on the windows here was like having a history lesson in how we have tried to protect our homes from the elements over the generations. Extra thick glass had been added to some windows and copper ‘atomic-strip’ weather proofing added to others. The most unusual addition was a double set of sashes in each of the windows of the front bedroom. This is the first time I have seen a window hung with 4 sashes, a sort of early version of ‘secondary double glazing’.

I have included a small selection of photographs here as a document of this interesting restoration project.