Two great cabinet projects

I decided to present these two projects together as they share some of the features I have been developing this year. While there is much in common in the design of these two pieces, with both comprising shelving above a run of 3 cabinets, each has been tailor made to suit the clients requirements. 

The first, a project I worked on over the summer is a piece of bedroom furniture. The shelving here is for books, with large spaces left for a television, audio equipment etc. The base unit comprises 3 storage cabinets. This piece is spray finished with a white satin paint.

The second project (pictured below), completed this December, is a piece of living-room furniture ~ In essence a sideboard with shelving above. The cabinet worktop here is a single board spanning the full length and is illuminated from the back with dimmable LED lights. Beneath this, the row of drawers and cabinets are built with an oak veneer on the interior while the exterior is finished with an off-white satin paint.