Alcove fitted cabinets

Recently the most common work I have been asked to do is building cabinets fitted into alcoves, often with a few shelves above. I have collected some photographs here to illustrate the last few similar projects.

Gallery shelves

Over the many years that I have been working in carpentry & joinery I have often been asked to help out with art projects, this has ranged from building frames for painters, light-boxes for photographers and even large scale installations, theatre sets and props for film and television. I have added a couple of photographs here of some custom built shelves I recently built for ceramics artist Matt Smith his work is amazing and I expect this may be the only time my work gets into the Saatchi Gallery. Photos by Cristina Schek.

Special project in Denmark

It was a surprise for me to be asked to supply 5 traditional English sash windows for a project in Helsingør (Elsinore) Denmark.
The clients had taken on a very ambitious project to restore a large building, at the time a redundant shop and transform it into a cafe and guesthouse.
My role was to build and supply a row of sash windows, the aim to replace the modern style shop window with something more in keeping with the architectural heritage of the property.
It was great to be involved in such an interesting project. My role began with drawing up plans for the clients, architect and planning dept. and ended when I handed over a very large packing crate filled with the new windows to the international shipping company here.

I have included a few photographs of the work in progress, and a couple of the finished project pinched from their website

Custom Built Bookcase

The photographs here show another example of a fitted bookcase for clients in Hove.

The construction is from white laminated board with an oak frame. The bookcase is built in 2 sections, one with deep shelves for vinyl records, and a second with shallower shelving for books.

Fitted wardrobe with oak doors

The photos here show a recently completed project to build and install a fitted wardrobe into a loft extension. Loft extensions can be difficult places to work as space and access are often limited. The ceiling slopes back behind the wardrobe finishing just a meter from the floor. I have used the space at the back of the cabinets for shelving, with hanging rails in the taller front part. I have included a couple of photographs of the oak doors, they are made with a combination of solid oak and veneered boards and are finished with oil.

Oak Bookshelves

If you have had a chance to browse the website, you may have noticed that bookcases have increasingly become a main focus of my work. More recently I have developed 2 designs which have proven popular with my clients and can be adapted in terms of size and layout to suit any situation.

1. shelving from textured white laminated boards with solid oak edges, 2. shelving from oak veneered boards with solid oak edges:


 The second example is a photograph from my most recent project, a large fitted oak bookcase, pictured here:

Sash Window Restoration Project

I was asked recently to refurbish and draught proof some sash windows at a property in Kemptown, Brighton.

The building is grade I listed and around 180 years old so any restoration work undertaken is subject to the strict regulations for this type of historic building.

The house looks out over Sussex Square gardens with a great view of the sea. Beautiful on a sunny day, but also under attack from the harshest elements of British weather. Working on the windows here was like having a history lesson in how we have tried to protect our homes from the elements over the generations. Extra thick glass had been added to some windows and copper ‘atomic-strip’ weather proofing added to others. The most unusual addition was a double set of sashes in each of the windows of the front bedroom. This is the first time I have seen a window hung with 4 sashes, a sort of early version of ‘secondary double glazing’.

I have included a small selection of photographs here as a document of this interesting restoration project.


Large Fitted Bookcases

The brief for the project pictured here was to produce a stylish fitted bookcase making best use of space, to house a large collection of books in a hallway. The bookcase is constructed from a combination of solid oak and white laminated boards.

The piece is designed to fit around the door and radiator in the room and uses every inch of the free space on one wall of the hallway. The shelving incorporates a rack system and allows each shelf position to be individually set.

The photographs show firstly; assembling the piece at the workshop in preparation. Secondly; the carcasses being fixed into position on site and finally; the finished piece complete with hundreds of books.

if you are interested in this or any of the projects from the website, please get in touch.

Oak & Cherry Shelves

Further recent examples of alcove shelving, click on photos to view larger image. The photographs above show shelves made from cherry veneered boards, dyed with a deep plum mahogany colour to produce the desired effect. The shelving pictured below is a similar style, but this time in a golden oak veneer. Both sets of shelves are made to measure, built into alcoves to the side of a chimney breast. In both examples the lower pair of shelves is an extended size to house TV and A/V equipment. Also, both examples are finished with with a few coats of oil.

Glazed Oak Bookcases

The photographs above show a pair of oak bookcases that go together to form a single large cabinet. The made-to-measure bookcases are designed to make best use of the available space. Fitting into an alcove recess, the cabinet extends slightly forward at the top to accommodate larger books. The cabinets are constructed from a combination of solid oak and veneered boards and each have a pair of sliding glass doors. If you would like a quote for bookcases, or perhaps TV/audio cabinet or similar piece, fitted or free-standing, you can get in touch using the details found HERE.

Fitted bookcase with oak edging.

The photographs here show a wall-to-wall fitted bookcase. The project in Rottingdean, Brighton helps to utilise storage space, allowing a small room to serve as an office, a library, a guest bedroom and a lounge. The shelving is constructed from white laminated boards with solid oak timber edging.

Pine wardrobe

I have been very busy lately working on various projects. Also, I have been surprised by the large number of enquiries in what I had previously thought to be the quietest part of the year. This project was completed a few weeks ago, so here are a couple of photographs showing the finished piece. The cabinets each contain four drawers and a hanging-rail. The panelled doors slide to open, helping to save some space in a small room.

Cherry shelving unit & oak cabinet

Update: The shelving unit for records, as mentioned in my last post, is now complete . The first photo here shows the completed unit before it had been varnished. In the second photo the unit has now been spray-lacquered to bring out the beauty of the cherry-wood veneer. Click on photographs to enlarge.

This piece of furniture has been custom-made to the clients specifications for use as shelving for a vinyl record collection. If you would like a quote for a similar unit or would like to discuss your ideas for a storage / shelving project please get in touch. My contact details can be found here.

This week I have also been working on a small wardrobe. See photo below:

New project: Shelving for vinyl albums.

Work in progress: A simple shelving unit for records. I will add further images as the project progresses.

Simple alcove shelves

Simple shelves fitted into alcoves are probably the thing I am asked to build more often than anything else. The MDF shelves pictured here are an excellent and affordable was to utilize the space either side of a fireplace. In this example the shelves in the right side alcove are build slightly bigger and once painted will support a television.

Work in progress: TV & media cabinet.

My next project is a large oak television & AV cabinet. The client has recently bought a 40 inch flat screen television and wanted to be able to hide it away when not in use. The cabinet design illustrated here comprises two oak cabinets, the top one for the TV and a lower unit to house the video, dvd and Hi-Fi equipment. When open, each of the doors can slide back into the cabinet so as to allow a better view of the screen, which can be brought forward on a sliding drawer-tray. The photographs below show the project at various stages through its design and construction.

Fitted Wardrobe

The wardrobe pictured here was made-to-measure and fitted at a property in Hove. The wardrobe contains a shelving unit, storage cupboards and clothes rails. The paneled doors are spray-finished with a white satin paint.

If you would like a quote for custom made fitted furniture in the Brighton and Hove area, please get in touch.

White shelving & cabinets

This project, as mentioned in the previous post, is a wall of painted shelves and fitted cabinets for clients in Kemptown, Brighton. It is built from MDF and finished with a satinwood paint.

Another new timber sash window

The window pictured here is now ready to glaze and install. It is to replace a window at a Victorian property in Brighton. The original has suffered from rot and had been damaged by ivy. This photo shows the window glazed and installed:

Fitted wardrobes in beech

This project was to build and fit a large beech veneered wardrobe, pictured below. This four door wardrobe comprises 2 cabinets, one fitted with shelves, the other with 2 hanging rails.

As the wardrobe was for a third floor bedroom I made it in several smaller pieces and put it all together once it was in the room. If you would like a quote for fitted wardrobes/cabinets etc please get in touch, my contact details can be found here.

Bookcase & TV/media unit

The bookcase and tv/media unit pictured here were made for a client in Hove. The design & style is along the lines of some similar pieces I built in the past.

Wardrobes with sliding doors

The large fitted wardrobe from the last blog post is now finished. This triple wardrobe includes 4 hanging rails and 8 drawers. The cabinets are constructed from melamine laminated MDF. The sliding doors are grooved to emulate traditional paneled doors and finished with satinwood paint.

Cabinets with shelving unit

For this project I built and installed custom made shelving and storage units for clients in Brighton & Hove. The photograph (click to enlarge) shows one of a pair units. The cupboards and shelves were built to the clients specification in my Hove workshop. The example pictured here is a made-to-measure cabinet built to house a record collection and stereo system, complete with shelves for CDs. A similar unit (not pictured here) was built for a TV & DVD etc. The cabinets will now be primed and painted.

Stairs cupboard

The photographs below show an under-stairs cupboard. The space under a staircase can be great for storage, the challenge here was to decide  how best to use this awkward shaped space. The solution was to build a walk-in cupboard at the tallest end, complete with a wardrobe clothes rail. In the middle section I fitted a 3 drawer unit hidden behind a pair of doors and at the shallow end, a large drawer to house a vacuum cleaner. The completed cupboard is now ready to paint.

Fold-away desk

The photos show a folding drop-leaf desk I recently made. The client works from home and asked for a desk which could be folded away when not in use. The desk is constructed from MDF with a melamine finish with softwood legs & frame. I have also included the original 3d design/sketch.