Sash Windows

My work with sash windows encompasses restoration, maintenance and draught-proofing and where necessary, full replacement of frames & sashes.

Brighton and Hove’s architectural heritage, with its grand Regency Period squares and Victorian Era terraces give the town its historic character. In buildings across the city sash windows are a central feature of this. Regular maintenance of sash windows is essential. On top of the general wear & tear that we come to expect over time, the effects of the weather here on the south coast can be particularly damaging to timber windows and frames. Sash windows also tend to suffer from either a lack of regular painting, or the opposite, a build up of excess paint which can sticks sashes to their frames. This can leave windows permanently closed, or as is often the case, stuck very slightly open allowing draughts in through the gaps.

Projects have included restoration of windows in many Grade I & II listed properties at addresses such as Sussex Square & Lewes Crescent, Brunswick Square and Palmeira Square and in streets and terraces across the city. I have been working on sash windows in Brighton & Hove since 2004. I am fully insured.


Services include:

Sash window refurbishment and draught-proofing.

Restoring sash window to fully operational order.
Re-balancing sashes/weights where necessary.
Replacing all cords.
Replacing any loose or broken putty.
Draught proofing of window, (staff beading, parting bead & meeting rails)
Making good any damaged timber.
Treating rot & removing any flaking paint.

Repairs and restoration. 

Window cills replaced in either softwood or hardwood.
Replacement glazed sashes to match existing joinery.
Replacement of broken sash cords.
Fitting of new window furniture & security locks etc.

Construction and installation of new sash windows.

Traditional joinery sashes and box-frames.
All timber prepared and primed before installation.
A choice of single or double glazing.
Fitted with a draught proofing system.
Complete installation including internal fix: window boards & architrave etc.